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Our Opinion

Our opinion about teen relationships is, that they are the most common type of controversy in an average teens life. They can be good, bad, happy, sad, or even life threatening. Yet it is very important to have some form of relationship with either a friend or relative. Most kids in our school have a good relationship with at least one person and are semi close with their parents to a certain point. We think we all can agree that, a teens life is at a critical age to where any harm, stress, or annoyance can portray to their future roles in the world. We were not very surprised with the results of the survey we gave out, since we knew someone of the answers because we to are teens.

After we read a connective essay on teen relationships we agree with the author Jonna M. She talks about how guys and girls do no want to label themselves now a days as boyfriend and girlfriend, and that’s right. Teens in todays time just want to be friends and buds, and as the essay says and our survey results collected, that teens kiss on a first date with out any problemsor even randomly. Jonna also makes a point to say that teen relationships changed over the years, with paying for things and making a simple phone call every night.

Teen feel that it is important to have relationships, but nothing that is to serious.


The Results

After looking at the results of our survey, we have come to some conclusions. The majority of our class mates felt that the typical age to start dating and having a boy/girl relationship is 14, while the average age to start a sexual relationship is 16. However, 91% of seniors feel that they do not need to be in a relationship and if it happens, it happens. Also, 47% of kids said that they had no problems with random hook-ups at a party.

Our classmates also said that they would not go back to an abusive relationship and that being beaten by your parents does not affect how you will treat your  children in the future.  

62% of kids said that they felt that they could tell their best friend their deepest secrets and 71% agreed that it is very important for teens to have someone that they could talk to and vent their feelings to. 81% of teens said that they would feel comfortable talking to their parents about issues, depending on what they were. This is surprising because you would think that most kids would say that they do not feel comfortable talking to their parents.

Parent Relationships

Anyone can agree that your relationship with your parents can affect your life in anyway. Your social life can be difficult when your a teen, and even more if your parents rules are too strict. Most kids can talk to their parents but only about certain things. Not everyone is as open with their parents because they do not know how they will act to the information. I think you should talk to  parent if the event is big enough and life threatening. And if not at least an older family member for advice since not all of your friends will know what to say because most are going through the same thing, if not worse. In the book twisted Tylers dad was not the typical American family dad, he was a workaholic and did not truly care about his family, he was only concerned with what his boss thought about him. Everyone has a different relationship, but no one should even let it get that bad to where there is no communication.




Abusive Relationships

We all know that abusive relationships are bad and that if you’re in one, you need to get out, but sometimes its not that easy. According to a teen health website, 1 in 11 high school students admit that they have been in an abusive relationship. In the beginning, it may seem like a one-time thing or an accident so you stay, but it can lead into a big problem.

Abusive relationships don’t always include some one getting beaten up or bullied. Some come from jealousy and control problems and others are mental abuse. If your boyfriend or girlfriend constantly tells you that your stupid or making fun of you, you are in an abusive relationship. Also, if your significant other is always questioning you and where you’re going, who you’re with, or accusing you of cheating even though you weren’t, you could also be in an abusive relationship.

Admitting that there’s a problem in your relationship is the first step. From there you need to decide what you want to do about it. Do you talk about it or just leave? If you’re being beaten, the best thing to do is leave. It may be hard or scary, but your well being is the most important thing. With the whole Rihanna Chris Brown issue, more and more teens are realizing that abusive relationships are bad and you need to get out of them before it’s too late.



Teen Relationships

Teenage Relationships come in many shapes and forms. Abusive physically, mentally, emotionally and with teenagers just friendships, or dating. Also relationships with parents and family. It all depends on the teenager and their life style.  A teen can have any relationship with a boy or girl, friendship, dating, or even just sexual. From the survey we made the results came back not to surprising, because every teen is alike in more than one way than hobbies. Their relationship with their parents is something most kids have in common because most parents think alike and have the same basic rules. And even kids with the same friends or friends at all deal with the same drama and fun that any normal teenager deals with.



Stress from relationships

Every one pretty much agrees that having someone to talk to or a best friend is extremely important. However, along with those relation ships comes a lot of stress. Whether its with friends, parents, boyfriends/girlfriends, or teachers, teens always have stress in their lives. From parents, it’s do well in school and get good grades, go to a good college, get a job, dont stay out too late. With friends or significant others, it’s a totally different kind of stress. Stress from friends can come from the  pressures to drink or do drugs. Teens can also get stressed if their significant other is pressuring them to move to quickly in the relationship.

It’s important for teens to have relationships and people they can talk to or go to if they’re having a problem, but it’s even more important that those relationships are healthy and you are sure that you can have trust.



What do you think?

We have made a survey about teen relationships. Please take the survey and let us know how you feel!