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Our Opinion

Our opinion about teen relationships is, that they are the most common type of controversy in an average teens life. They can be good, bad, happy, sad, or even life threatening. Yet it is very important to have some form of relationship with either a friend or relative. Most kids in our school have a good relationship with at least one person and are semi close with their parents to a certain point. We think we all can agree that, a teens life is at a critical age to where any harm, stress, or annoyance can portray to their future roles in the world. We were not very surprised with the results of the survey we gave out, since we knew someone of the answers because we to are teens.

After we read a connective essay on teen relationships we agree with the author Jonna M. She talks about how guys and girls do no want to label themselves now a days as boyfriend and girlfriend, and that’s right. Teens in todays time just want to be friends and buds, and as the essay says and our survey results collected, that teens kiss on a first date with out any problemsor even randomly. Jonna also makes a point to say that teen relationships changed over the years, with paying for things and making a simple phone call every night.

Teen feel that it is important to have relationships, but nothing that is to serious.


The Results

After looking at the results of our survey, we have come to some conclusions. The majority of our class mates felt that the typical age to start dating and having a boy/girl relationship is 14, while the average age to start a sexual relationship is 16. However, 91% of seniors feel that they do not need to be in a relationship and if it happens, it happens. Also, 47% of kids said that they had no problems with random hook-ups at a party.

Our classmates also said that they would not go back to an abusive relationship and that being beaten by your parents does not affect how you will treat your  children in the future.  

62% of kids said that they felt that they could tell their best friend their deepest secrets and 71% agreed that it is very important for teens to have someone that they could talk to and vent their feelings to. 81% of teens said that they would feel comfortable talking to their parents about issues, depending on what they were. This is surprising because you would think that most kids would say that they do not feel comfortable talking to their parents.